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July 19, 2010

Chapter-a-Day 1 Chronicles 18

Leadership Thus David ruled over all of Israel. He ruled well, fair and evenhanded in all his duties and relationships. 1 Chronicles 18:14 (MSG)

This past weekend my dad and I were road tripping down to the lake with my wife. In the process of our conversation, my dad mentioned that he'd run into my Junior High school Principal who had asked about me. When I was younger, I had positions of student leadership in school. But, I wasn't the greatest leader in the world. I thought that being in a position of leadership meant lording it over others, getting what you want, and doing what was in your best interest. Even though it was part of the journey that led to my relationship with Christ, I look back on those years with a sense of shame for my motivations and actions.

"If you see him again," I told my dad, "Tell him I'm sorry for being such an obnoxious little twerp."

I thought about that when I read the description of David's leadership in today's chapter. What a great description to have recorded through history of your leadership. What a great benchmark to strive for in my leadership positions in family, church, community and business: "To rule well, fair and evenhanded in all my duties and relationships."

Today, I'm thinking about my current positions of leadership, and doing some evaluation.

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14-17 Thus David ruled over all of Israel. He ruled well, fair and evenhanded in all his duties and relationships.

This is the kind of legacy I would like to leave behind. Doing your job well, being fair..those are good attributes to strive after. If more people pursued this instead of $ we would have a much better society.

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