May 30, 2008

Captivated by Juno

JunoSpeaking of being captivated. Taylor has been pursuing Wendy and me to watch the movie Juno, and she caught us at just the right time last night. We sat down for a family film night to watch the movie together (it was Taylor's 5th time watching it). Wendy and I were certainly captivated by this wonderful movie and lay in bed late into the night talking about it and along with various tangential life conversations it prompted (which, in turn, made the tornado siren at 5 a.m. seem awfully early!).

Wendy put it best when she said that it was one of the most life affirming movies we've seen. Not because it presents life in an ideal, Hollywood dreamworld - but because it affirms the beauty of life in the midst of a messy world of blessedly imperfect people and relationships.