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July 21, 2010

Chapter-a-Day 1 Chronicles 20

That spring, the time when kings usually go off to war, Joab led the army out and ravaged the Ammonites. He then set siege to Rabbah. David meanwhile was back in Jerusalem. 1 Chronicles 20:1 (MSG)

Looking back over the journey, I've come to realize that some poor choices are possible because we're in the wrong place. Instead of being where we should be, doing what we should be doing, we choose to be in a place where a poor choice is much more likely.

As David became King, history records that he increasingly let others go off to war while he hung back in his palace. I've noticed that there seems to be a correlation between his choice not to go to war and some increasingly poor - even tragic - choices.

Be in the right place. Do what I'm supposed to be doing. It makes it easier to make good choices.


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And then there was the war at Gath that featured a hulking giant who had twenty-four fingers and toes, six on each hand and foot—yet another from the clan of giants.

Sometimes I like reading Scripture b/c of the strange things I find there. This is one of them.

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