October 23, 2008

Art and Illumination

Wendy_the_mcnay_2006_lr On our honeymoon, Wendy and I went to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. I took this picture of Wendy looking out at the museum's courtyard. It's become one of my favorite photos. I'm not sure if the beam of light in front of Wendy was from a sky light, but it made for a particularly beautiful moment.

October 21, 2008

Angelic Voices



September 29, 2008

Morning Stroll


September 07, 2008

Enjoy it While You Can Little Dude

Go_for_it_lr_2  Wendy and I attended the first birthday party of our little friend, Jarrett, over the weekend. We all enjoyed as mommy put down the birthday cake and watched him move from tentative tasting with a finger to gluttonous digging in. Maybe I'm jsut a boy at heart, but I was a bit jealous of the digging in with both hands and making a complete mess as you shovel it in. Maybe that's why I like barbeque. All I've got to say is, "Enjoy it while you can, little dude", tomorrow Mommy is going to be telling you to sit up straight and eat nice.

September 06, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

Here_comes_the_sun_lr Some of my favorite moments at the lake happen at sunrise. God and I have a chat down at the dock while I watch him paint the morning sky.

September 03, 2008

Back on Stage Together

Tommadison0507 This was a "hold out your camera and take a self-portrait" picture I took backstage during the play "Tulip House" in May 2007. I'm excited to be on stage with Madison once more this December in Union Street Players' production of "Cheaper by the Dozen."

August 29, 2008

Beat Up Nephews While You Still Can

Wendy_beating_up_sol_thanksgiving_4 I took this picture of Wendy beating up on Solomon last Thanksgiving at Grandma Jeanne's house. The picture has gained significance over the past year. When it was taken, Solomon was about Wendy's height and she could still pretend, at least, to take him. A few months later, he's a MUCH TALLER and bigger young man. The days of beating up on Solomon are over, I'm afraid! 

August 27, 2008

Ghosts of Plays Past

Phones_2 Last spring our community theatre cleaned out the storage shed. It was interesting to rummage through the remnants of over twenty years of worth of shows. Among the junk was this box full of old rotary phones.

August 23, 2008

Stampede @ Lake of the Ozarks Shootout


Looney Tunes Boat @ Lake of the Ozarks Shootout