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July 01, 2010

Update from Madison's Trip Leaders in India

This was posted on the team's Facebook page, but I thought I'd repost it. There's a brief mention of Madison. Most of all, I am knocked out by her leader's description of their ministry experience:

Dear family and friends!

It's hard to believe how quickly the time is going by here in India. At the same time it feels as though we live a weeks worth of life in a day! I think that is because when all other obstacles and obligations are removed from our lives to the point that you have no other objective and responsibilities in day but to share the gospel you really do live exponentially. The identity of one day to the next typically fades away as you realize you wake up with one purpose. GO and share the greatest message on earth with another person...and do it over and over again.

Wow! I don't even know where to start and I can hardly type fast enough to get out the story of what happened last night! I was with the team Ebenezer ( mostly a C trip team with a few A trippers) and the students took a rather long ride to a Hindu village. To give you an idea of time here, it was a 40 mile journey that took almost 3 hours. The roads here are not as "developed" and a bit windy. No worries. We have VERY skilled drivers whom were privately hired for us. But you can only go so far. We often are traveling through busy villages and an encounter everything from cows to motorcycles along the way.

We have spent most of our time previously going to villages that were a bit closer where there was a church present in the village and we supported the ongoing outreach of the local missionary. Due to the large presence of Caucasian Americans , even the Hindu's would stop by our programs out of curiosity..but only about a handful.

The last few nights we have traveled far to Hindu villages where there has been no representation of Christianity and no church plants. This was the case last night. When we arrived to the village our first challenge was finding a spot to do ministry where the expected nightly cow crossing would not disrupt the VBS. After choosing a safe place next to a school. Our program began. There had to be nearly 250 people present.  A majority of very excited elementary aged kids who hung on every word and action our teenagers said. They were very eager to pose for pictures and marveled over pictures of themselves. They were eager to try and learn any song our missionaries wanted to teach them. Any game they wanted to play...we blasted Switchfoot and they eagerly joined silly dances with Kevin. It was as if the missionaries were rock stars. All though I do believe many of the children had never seen or touched a white person before as they scurried away when Megan first tried to shake their hands....bu Kevin's dancing definitely  broke down the walls.

Due to the growing size of the crowd we cut the program in half an presented a few song and games with the kids and then a testimony, brief testimony from Madison and the team leader Andres gave a powerful net.( gospel presentation)

Our translator priskilla took over from their encouraging the people to choose Christ. Soon many women over a dozen began weeping an wailing and crying out all at once with their hands extended in the air in surrender.. First one or two then many.. there was a gorup of older Hiindu  men ( the hardest to reach) who also began responding to the call of salvation. The unsual part is that the people were so caught up in crying out to the Lord it was hard to call them forward to respond...rather there was no need. The passionate heartfelt respnse to the gospel was written all over their faces as they literally cried out to
 the one true God. Priskilla our translator went throughout the crowd to see what was happening and if it was true that this Hindu village had really understood that all other Gods must be forsaken for the devotion to Jesus Christ only. And she said they did. The people were crying out " We want you God. We want you to save our village!..We only want you!"

Many people came forward afterward for healing. Priskilla then confirmed that there was no church in the village and we would need to introduce them to the pastor/missionary of the area to get them on the road to discipleship. The students prayed for the new believers and we quickly loaded the van with dozens of kids running behind us. ( This is the norm)*smiles*

Well it was a great time. I have never seen God do what he did in that village in all my trips. Ive never seen such a passionate response from a people. The power of God was so evident! The Gospel is life changing still. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Thank you for your prayers! We love you all. And I'm very blessed to know that man of you are reading our updates!

Blessings and Joy!
Candace and Kenny


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