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July 08, 2010

Madison is Safely Home

I got a call from Madison last night. She arrived back in the U.S. from India about 5:00 p.m. last night (Wednesday). Now she has a couple days of debriefing in Texas before flying home.

She sounded great and we had a wonderful conversation about her experiences. She said she feels great, remained healthy during her trip and feels well rested. She said there was a huge part of her that didn't want to leave India. She fell in love with the Indian people. Her team had an amazing ministry in India working in all sorts of different capacities. One of the highlights of the trip was a small school where Madison and her team worked with the young female students. I won't recount the whole story, but suffice it to say that she and I were both crying as she told me about her experiences.

I imagine you'll should start seeing Facebook posts and pictures after she arrives back in Iowa on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone for their love, prayers, encouragement, and financial support to make this trip possible for Madison.


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