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May 12, 2010

The Long Day

I got out of bed at 4:00 a.m. yesterday to be on the road for the airport. I'm in Salt Lake City this week working with a client. My 6:20 flight experience "mechanical delay" when one of the navigation computers decided that we were five miles away from where the plane sat. After long conversations with the mechanics, they decided to "reboot the plane." While talking to a mechanic on the ground, the pilot opened the cockpit window. It got stuck open. So, we had to deal with that as well. Almost two and a half hours later we were told that we'd just "go" and see if everything worked (not exactly what you want to hear as an airline passenger). While we were going through the safety briefing the video screens on the right side of the aircraft inexplicably shut down. So we had to reboot that and watch it over again (are you sensing a problem?).

By the way, Ryne Sandberg and the I-Cubs were on the plane, too. I was sitting at the gate and started to look around. "Hey, that's Ryne Sandberg!" "Hey, that's Michah Hoffpauir!" "Wait a minute. That's Sam Fuld!" I must admit, the die-hard Cubs fan in me, at some point, I wondered if THAT was the source of our bad luck. I don't believe in "the curse of the goat," but if I did I'd begin to wonder if it extended off the ball field and onto airplanes.

Fortunately, everything DID work and, after getting re-booked by United on the last flight of the evening, I was able to get on stand-by and arrived in Salt Lake City just two hours later than planned. As I sat in the lobby of the client waiting to start my work day, I realized that I'd already been traveling for 10 hours and now was starting my work day.

It felt good to get to my hotel and go to sleep.


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