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May 26, 2010

"I'm done!!!"

22771_1118094252653_1835919990_241087_2740015_n I got the text message on my phone at 12:53 p.m. yesterday: "I'm done!!!"

Madison finished her final high school class. She walks across the stage on Friday, and on Sunday afternoon we gather with family and friends to celebrate her accomplishment and this rite of passage.

Last night was a smaller celebration as Wendy, Taylor, Clayton and I took Madison out for dinner. It was fun to gather and sprinkle Madison with cards, gifts and encouragement. It's fun to watch her finish well and to have all of the fun that goes with graduation. I'm proud of her, and pleased to see all of her well-deserved excitement.

I've been reflecting on this moment for the past few weeks. I'm struck at how amazing both of the girls are in their own unique ways. It's hard to believe that the day has arrived that our youngest is through high school. Parenting changes at a million different stages in a child's development, but this one is a pretty major shift of life's tectonic plates. Letting go is, at once, satisfying and terrifying. You realize in a moment that your child is capable of acheiving anything they set their heart and mind to accomplish while being unbelievably clueless about how life really works. You think about all the things you may have forgotten to teach them, and all of the lessons they will have to learn on their own.

Her path now branches off from mine in a very real way. She will learn. She will grow. The good work God began in her will continue until it's completion. It's all part of the journey.

You go, Maddy Kate. You go.


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Judy and Jim Halvorsen

Beautifully written Tom. It was twenty years ago that Jon graduated from HS and our 'nest' emptied. The joyous memories and new experiences (3 marriages, 10 grandkids) serve us well. Our prayers for your constant awareness of God's deep blessing each step of the way.

Tom Vander Well

Thanks, Jim and Judy, for your comments these past weeks. It's so good to reconnect with you after so many years. I look at your pictures on Facebook and am amazed (thought not at all surprised) at the whole, good looking Halvorsen brood. Well done!

Thanks for providing a great example to all of us kids back in the day. The Halvorsen house was always a great place to be.

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