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March 22, 2010

Home Again

Sleet on the deck.

The beautiful, warm Missouri weather which found us on the new Playhouse deck last Friday gave way to nasty, cold sleet and snow on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday morning the deck was covered with an inch of icy sleet. Nevertheless, we kept ourselves busy arranging, settling, and planning. Grandpa Dean was like a kid in a candy store. The lower level was an empty canvas and his tools were at the ready to begin building. We ordered some of the supplies we'd need to get started and he wired some lights and electric outlets so the work could begin. We also picked up some insulation and began insulating the floor joists of the upper level.

Wendy and I headed home late Sunday morning, leaving Grandpa and Grandma who will spend the week. Grandma will continue to wash away the dust and clean up the post-construction din. Grandpa will start to frame up the lower level.

Back to work. And, back to play rehearsal tonight. Wendy and I are expected to have our lines memorized for Act 1 tomorrow night. Yikes!


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Very nice playhouse

Tom Vander Well

Thanks, John!

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