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March 29, 2010

Busy Weekend

Wendy and I are enjoying our roles in KOLD Radio, Whitefish Bay. The characters of Lars Knudsen and Martha Bjorklund are really fun. I'm channeling all my memories of spending two weeks of every summer fishing on the boundary waters with my family. Once you start getting that Minnesota accent goin', it's a bit hard to stop, dontcha know. Fer cryin' out loud, we're talkin' like it at home know, eh?

Rehearsals, however, have been pretty intense. Instead of the normal 6-8 week rehearsal period, we're putting this show up in five weeks (and one of those weeks was Spring Break, so most of our cast was gone). So, it's rehearsal every night and every weekend. Don't forget to come to Pella and see the show (April 15-18)!

On Saturday morning we attended the funeral of one of our friends from Union Street Players. Mike Atkins was our accompanist for The Christmas Post and his wife is on the USP board. It was an incredible funeral service that Mike planned himself as he fought a courageous battle with cancer. Mike, a music teacher and worship leader, filled the service with music. It was fun to sing a lot of the old hymns, and they brought back lots of memories.

It was awesome to have Taylor & Clayton join us for church and brunch yesterday. Taylor took a new job that allows her to go to church on Sunday mornings. Our pastor, Andrew, is leaving and it was an emotional service, as well. Much like Mike's funeral, it was a mixture of grief and hope. Insteady of old hymns, however. We rocked the joint. I was playing bass. It was awesome.

(btw, Taylor & Clayton have been accepted to study abroad in Paris next fall. Wow!)

Wendy and I finished the weekend with friends. Shay's birthday party was last night and the whole crew met in Des Moines for dinner. Wendy and I then spent a few hours with our friends Kev & Beck before heading home.

Now, the week begins.


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