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March 11, 2010

Baby, it' K.O.L.D. Outside

Kold_poster Yesterday it was announced that Wendy and I will play the lead roles in Union Street Players production of K.O.L.D. Radio, Whitefish Bay in April. K.O.L.D. is the radio station in Whitefish Bay, Minnesota located in the corner of the local tap: Carl & Lena's Place for Beer. I play Lars Knudsen, a local widower with a teen age daughter and a love for Crappie fishing. Lars' radio show, Crappie Talk, has no listeners and so he loses his one and only sponsor, Ole's Bait Shop and Deere Petting Farm. Wendy plays Martha Bjorklund (who beat Lars in a legendary 50 yard dash race in elementary school) whose radio show, Book Beat, has all the listeners and the sponsors. Things do not get any better for Lars with the sudden and mysterious arrival of Brooklyn native Sal Carducci who buys the radio station.

We've got a hectic five weeks of rehearsal until the curtain goes up April 15-18. We're looking forward to being on stage again and the show is hilarious. Put it on your calendar and join us!


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