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February 23, 2010

Chapter-a-Day 2 Kings 13

It's a wonderful day. The children of Israel were again able to live at peace in their own homes. But it didn't make any difference: They didn't change their lives, didn't turn away from the Jeroboam-sins that now characterized Israel, including the sex-and-religion shrines of Asherah still flourishing in Samaria.2 Kings 13:5b-6 (MSG)

Last week I quietly celebrated my 16,000th birthday. I was 16,000 days old last Thursday. That's a lot of days. I've been contemplating what I have to show for them. When I get to heaven and all that is worthless is burned away, how many days will be revealed to have made any difference?

How sad that God delivered the children of Israel to live in peace, but it didn't make any difference. Their days were spent in peace, but there hearts remained stagnant.

I want my days to make a difference. I may never be a difference maker on a grand scale like Superman, which is okay. I don't think I'd do well in a cape, and would look especially bad in tights. I pray that I can at least make a difference like George Bailey. Perhaps I can quietly make a subtle difference in those my life touches day-by-day.

Have a great day.

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4-6 Then Jehoahaz prayed for a softening of God's anger, and God listened.

God is such a great example of how a father should act. I was so mad at my kid last night that I thought I should leave the house. It had to deal with school work that has been planned for a month that he waited until the night before to do. This is a recurring theme with the young man. After cooling down, I was able to offer him grace and communicate that the ONLY reason I could is because God does it for me. Hopefully that disaster turned into a teachable moment.

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