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November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Vander Well Christmas Tree 2009  It's Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend. The Christmas tree is up and lighting the corner of the living room. Holiday music is playing in the background. The holidays have officially begun!

It's been a quiet Thanksgiving for us. My family were all headed out of town to visit other family. Wendy's family were pretty much all doing their own thing. Taylor is off doing her new thing with the in-laws. Madison was off to do Thanksgiving with her mom. So, Wendy and I found ourselves home alone and headed down the block to have a Thanksgiving meal with the Vande Lunes. The house was filled with great smells as Wendy made homemade rolls and sweet potatoes for the meal. She'd also made a chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

We had a wonderful meal with the VL's. My little buddy Nathan invited me to watch the parade on television with him. He then decided the parade would be much better if he was sitting on my shoulders. The only problem was that he was having a hard time climbing up on the back of the couch to get his legs around me. So, he grabbed the only thing available to give him leverage: my hair. With a little effort and relatively few of my hairs pulled out he managed to swing his legs around and so he was sitting snugly on my shoulders. That's when he tooted. I managed to breathe through my mouth for a few minutes to avoid olfactory damage. In the meantime, Nathan settled in to watch the parade while he nonchalantly played with my head like a toy. He used the top of my head as a bongo drum. He pulled my ears to see if they came out like Mr. Potato Head's. Then his hands moved down across my face and his finger decided to see what was up my right nostril!

Fortunately, the dinner bell rang and we enjoyed a wonderful feast with our friends. After dinner we headed to the VL's new, finished basement to have dessert and watch football. Between Shay and Wendy, there were four complete desserts prepared for the four adults and one half-pint in the room. We had baklava, pumpkin crisp, pecan pie, and chocolate cheesecake. No wonder I'm feeling fat.

We returned home in the mid-afternoon and kept it quiet the rest of the evening. Madison brought her friend, Phil, over to have pizza with us. We hadn't had a chance to get to know him, so we enjoyed chatting over dinner. Madison then took off to a friends while Wendy and I spent the rest of the evening watching the Bronco's beat the Giants (we watched the last quarter in bed).

We worked Friday morning, but knocked off to decorate the house for Christmas in the afternoon. It was fun to do it together and we had about as much done as we wanted to accomplish when Wendy's folks and sister arrived. The Friday night of Thanksgiving is traditionally the night when Wendy's Roozeboom side of the family (her maternal grandmother's family) get together at New Hope Church here in Pella for a potluck. Wendy's brother, Josh, buzzed over from Iowa City to join us. Wendy had been working on the family tree for this side of the family and passed out hard copies to check facts and additions. Great Aunt Jo had a devotional thought for the family and then we feasted. We finished the evening playing a card game, Golf.

Roozeboom Thanksgiving 2009 panorama LR

We went to bed well-fed and grateful for family. No big plans are left for the weekend. A little work to be done, a few projects around the house, and maybe a movie, a football game (or two). Happy Thanksgiving!


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