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November 06, 2009

Chapter-a-Day Judges 5

Music is metaphor. "That day Deborah and Barak son of Abinoam sang this song:" Judges 5:1 (MSG)

Metaphor (n.) - something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else.

God is a God of metaphor. The Creator expresses Himself in His creation. Made in the image of the Creator, we express ourselves in creative ways, like song. Music becomes a significant metaphor. It not only expresses the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the song writer, but we attach meaning to it. Song becomes a metaphor for a specific time, place, person, or event in our lives.

What songs take you back to a specific place or time? Here's a few of mine:

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrews Sisters takes me back to the "way back" of my family's wood paneled station wagon as we drove down I29 south of Sioux City on a return trip from my grandparents house.

Reunited by Peaches & Herb represents making out with my girlfriend at an 8th grade party the night the U.S. Olympic hockey team defeated the Soviet Union on the way to their miracle on ice.

We are the World is my freshman year at Judson College, VHS movies, and Genesis Players spring tour.

The list could go on and on. There is a reason Deborah and Barak created a song to mark Sisera's fall. It helped the nation remember a significant event. It reminded the people of God's provision, the nation's faith, and their victory. The lyrics of that song are still reminding us of the event 3,000 years later.

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Songs tell stories. That's why all types of music are of interest to me. They all tell stories. Some are really cool. Some are love stories. Some are really dark. They are a window to the author's soul. The melodies that accompany them may differ, but pay close attention to the lyrics, they mean something. The same was true in this chapter. I love music.

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