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November 20, 2009

Chapter-a-Day Judges 13

Sheer wonder. The angel of God said, "What's this? You ask for my name? You wouldn't understand—it's sheer wonder." Judges 13:18 (MSG)

There is so much about God which I don't comprehend. There are so many things I don't understand about His ways. I am befuddled. I'm so desperately frustrated with His silence and disappointed when my heart's desire is perpendicular to His Truth. I try to define Him. I try to wrap my finite mental boundaries around Him. I try to reduce Him into containable thought which will fit neatly and comfortably in the cultural, intellectual and emotional box I've created for Him. But, He never quite fits inside the box. It always ends up being both messy and uncomfortable for me.

Even His name defies reduction into our human language. It can't be contained in the limited letters, syllables and words of our most exhaustive dictionary. I reach to grasp for it, and find that it's always a little further up and further in. I sometimes touch it, but never quite grasp hold of it.

Today, I'm reminded of my need to sit in wonder and be content.

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1And then the People of Israel were back at it again, doing what was evil in God's sight.

I'm amazed how humans don't change much as we age. I've been dealing with repeat bad behavior with my kids lately. How can they not get it? Why don't they change and receive the good consequences? I am reminded by today's chapter that even adults...nations...stray from the right path over and over again. As God forgives over and over again in patience, I too need to treat my children that way.

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