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September 29, 2009

Long Working Weekend in Maine

Maine 001 092409 LR

Wendy and I returned yesterday from a long weekend just outside of Portland, Maine. Our company is doing customer surveys for a client and, at the last minute, we needed some extra hands to get them done. So, Wendy and I spent about 11 hours on Friday and Saturday and an additional 8 hours on Sunday standing by the doors of a store asking people to take a survey about their visit. The survey took 10-20 minutes each (depending on how much the customer wanted to talk). We were two tired puppies by the end of it all.

People asked us if we were enjoying Maine. The truth is, other than the inside of the store, we hardly saw any of it. When we arrived Thursday night we drove down to the harbor and walked around a bit. What we saw was beautiful. We hope to go back there some day when we can just enjoy the area.


Maine 002 092409 LR


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I hope y'all can, too; I would love to go visit that area! Glad you're back home safely, though :)

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