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August 22, 2009

Summer 2009 Winds Down

I realized this morning that, other than my chapter-a-day posts, I haven't really posted since the 4th of July! Wow! Where does all the time go?!

There isn't a lot to share, news-wise, for Wendy, the girls and me these past couple of months. Here are the highlights:

  • Wendy and I have had a quiet couple of months, making a few trips down to the lake for some R&R. We were here with the girls and my folks back in July (pics below). I came down with my friend, Matthew, for a guys weekend. Wendy and have had a nice long weekend this weekend, arriving on Wed night. One of the blessings of a home office is that we can work anywhere if we don't have client meetings. It's kind of nice to sit lake-side with our lap-tops. It makes work feel less work-like.
  • We were both re-elected to another term on the Board of Directors of the community theatre. I think it's my fifth term as President. Wendy has been on the board longer, but this will be her second term as Treasurer. I was slated to direct the play "Sabrina Fair" this fall, but at the last meeting the group felt we should do something more Christmas-like and family friendly. So, I'm off the hook. The group has our annual award's dinner coming up in September. So, that'll keep us busy.
  • It's been a tough year business-wise. Wendy and I have tried to take advantage of the slower pace this year work-wise (a la' spending more time at the lake). We have a busy fall travel schedule coming up. I'll have trips to Montana, Minnesota, and Texas. Wendy and I are both traveling to Maine for one client project. I'm also speaking at a conference in Las Vegas in October and Wendy's joining me for that week.
  • Taylor is neck deep in wedding plans. She and Clayton will live in the basement apartment of a college professor. The prof's wife has MS, so they are giving the kids free rent in exchange for about 15 hours per week of help with the house and medical needs. Taylor's a CNA, Clayton's dad has MS, so it works out really well for all parties. Clayton is already moved in and Taylor will join him after the wedding. It's been fun watching them accumulate all the stuff they need for life together, and to help them during this transition. The wedding is coming up fast! Clayton is back in school. Taylor will take a few core classes at the local area community college this fall and then may join Clayton at Central in the Spring. Taylor worked at the coffee shop all spring and summer, but recently got another job waitressing at the local cafe.
  • Madison has continued to work at the local florist and really likes the job. She has become a regular babysitter for her boss' three kids and loves the little puddin's. Car ownership has given Madison mobility and she's enjoyed being able to drive to Des Moines, Osky and Ottumwa for various activities. She's also learning how older cars can nickel and dime you to death. The air conditioner broke and fixing it costs more than the car is worth (ouch). The door handle on the driver's door broke this week. The part alone is $200. So, for now she gets to open the driver's door through an open window (with the A/C broke it's likely rolled down, I expect) or the back seat. Madison starts her senior year next week. Wow! It's hard to believe.

Here are a few pics from the last couple of summer months:

Tom & girls at the lake 0709

Tom & dad 0709 LR Tom & Madison on waverunners 0709

We welcomed a new friend to the world. Aaron VL came over for a visit with his parents, Chad & Shay and his brother, Nathan.

Taylor and Aaron VL 0709 SNC00007 SNC00018


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