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May 07, 2009

"Letters from Pella" Opens

Letters from pella promo 06 LR 

Last night was opening night of "Letters from Pella," and we had a good crowd (124) for the show. Because most Pella residents are busy volunteering during Tulip Time, the Wednesday night crowd is usually our residents and patrons who come out to see the show before the usual Tulip Time festivities begin and their scheduled fill up.

The show has gone well. It's interesting to watch something I've written go from my head, to the page, to the stage. Some of the things that director Ann Wilkinson and the actors have brought to the script are better than I ever imagined. There are also pieces that will likely never satisfy me. The vision in my head was too clear and specific. Community Theatre reality will never live up to the vision. But, I knew that going into it and made a pact with myself to accept it. When rehearsals began and I chose to take off my writer's cap and simply be another actor in another show. I think I succeeded, for the most part. And, it's been fun, as always, to be on stage with Wendy. It's nice to let the natural chemistry between us flow into the characters.

It was fun to talk to life-long Pella residents after the show and have them express that they learned something new through the show. There are a lot of lines and jokes that immediately resonate with Pella residents who have some familiarity with the story. It will be interesting to see if other audiences catch it, as well.

Three more matinee shows (4:30 p.m.) during Tulip Time. It will wrap on Saturday afternoon.


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