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March 11, 2009

Ben Stein on How to Get Out of the Recession

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I used to enjoy CBS Sunday Morning before I started having to be at church earlier. I like it because it has so many pleasant and interesting stories. Plus, I think Charles Osgood is a lovely poet and so cute with his little bow-tie ;-) Anyway, so I do enjoy several of their regular contributers, including Ben Stein. I appreciate how he speaks level with the average American without speaking down; yet is able to help broaden understanding of economics.

I really quite agree with what Ben Stein is saying, although I find it somewhat sad that it is true that people need to have someone else "say" that things will be okay for them to believe it. Prayerfully, more people will remember to place their faith in God and not any man.

You know, I've never really believed the old rhyme, "...but words will never hurt me," anyway ... but knowing what power words carry (good & bad) shows that those in government really do need to speak truth & encouragement to the people whom they are in their positions to serve. Oh, wait, did I say the words "truth" and "serve" in reference to part of the purpose of government officials? Why, yes, I did! hmmm

Tom Vander Well

LOL! Great thoughts, Rainey. It is sad that we need to hear what others say. I've been thinking lately that I miss "The Great Communicator," Ronald Reagan if, for nothing else, his ability to speak & inspire us to believe the best in ourselves.

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