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October 31, 2008

Chapter-a-Day Psalm 70

On_the_huntLet those on the hunt for you sing and celebrate. Psalm 70:4a

The area where I live is big on hunting. Pheasant, quail and deer hunting are popular autumnal activities. I grew up hunting and many fall weekends were spent walking the plowed fields and fence rows in search of pheasant. Hunting is not a haphazard activity. You plan your hunt. You get permission from the land owners for the fields you wish to hunt. You arrive early and walk all day. If you're fortunate, you have good dogs to follow. I was always exhausted after a day of hunting. I slept like a baby from the weariness.

Perhaps that's why verse four jumped off the page at me on this gorgeous fall morning in which I write. "Hunt" is not a word that we generally associate with God. Yet, what a great metaphor! Jesus was very clear that "he who seeks finds." He told parables about those who "hunted" for a lost coin or a pearl of great price as metaphors for those who are truly hunting after God. God wants us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness. We're to be on the hunt!

I'm compelled to ask this morning, "What am I hunting after?" I can quickly name things that I endeavor to acquire. I could list for you a few intangible feelings or emotions that I constantly seek. Can I, however, honestly say that I am hunting God? Do I endeavor to find God and to be in His presence? Do I pursue God with force and purpose? I'm afraid that what I hunt after says a lot about who I am and where I'll end up.

If what Jesus said is true, that we find what we truly seek - then what will I find myself attaining in the end?


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Quick to my side, quick to my rescue!
God, don't lose a minute.

In our culture of immediate gratification, many times even our calls out to God are urgent. We don't have time to wait for God to bail us out. Something that I am really challenging myself to do is slow down with God. Most of my life is a blur and I am working on simplifying that too, but I really want to know and understand what Christ wants through and for me. In order to be in tune to that I need to SSSSLLLLLOOOOWWW down.

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