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August 13, 2008

All the World's a Stage...for Another Year

The_odd_couple_cast_photo_lrMonday night was the annual meeting of our community theatre, Union Street Players. Wendy and I were elected to another term on the board. I believe this will be my fourth year as President and Wendy is going into her second year as Treasurer.

Don't be impressed. No one else wanted the jobs.

While I have shared my frustrations with community theatre as an organization (and had to apologize for it), the fact is that Wendy and I love the people and we love the creative process. Theatre people are generally wonderful, open, caring individuals - even if we are quirky, insecure and given to finding the drama in every life situation. Shows are great because it's a project that generally only lasts a matter of weeks and it does have an end. You work together to rehearse, build the set, perform, and then curtain closes and you're done.

The past president whispered to me as he handed me the results of the board election, showing the obvious results when you run unopposed. "Unfortunately, you're going to have to do it again unti you get it right."

Ha! Not that I'll ever "get it right." Somewhere along the way I accepted that I will always struggle with my shortcomings as a leader. At the same time, I've also chosen to keep struggling. I may never "get it right", but I may get a little closer.

And so, it will be another year waiting for Guffman.


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