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May 30, 2008

Chapter-a-Day Exodus 29

CaptivatedI'll make Aaron and his sons holy in order to serve me as priests. I'll move in and live with the Israelites. I'll be their God. They'll realize that I am their God who brought them out of the land of Egypt so that I could live with them. I am God, your God. Exodus 29:45-46 (TM)

Its interesting for me to watch as boys pursue my daughters attention. It's the natural order of things that God, the master artist, put into place when He created the universe as expression of Himself. John Eldridge and his wife have done a wonderful job of chronicling it in their books Wild at Heart and Captivating. The male pursues and the female seeks to be captivated. The man initiates and the woman receives him. God makes it clear throughout scripture this natural dance between man and woman is a metaphor, a word picture, of His relationship with us. He is the groom, we are the bride. He initiates, we receive Him.

That's why I found it interesting, after chapters of God laying out the detailed sacrificial system in the book of Exodus, that God doesn't say "the sacrifice will make Aaron and his sons holy" or "adherence to my rules will make Aaron and his sons holy." It is God Himself who makes them holy. God is the pursuer. God is initiating the relationship. God approached Moses. God instigated the Exodus. God is leading them to the promised land. God is moving in to live with the Israelites.

I still remember the cold February night in 1981 when I chose to receive Christ into my life. But before I received Him, He had spent years working to get my attention - slowly, methodically drawing me towards Him. I can look back and see the events, relationships and conversations that God sprinkled into my path to draw me in. God pursued me.

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While scripture is quite clear about where to throw the blood and rub the blood of the animals it never talks about cleaning it up. I have to believe they did at some level (if it didn't burn), but regardless the word picture today was a messy, smelly, nasty thing the priests had to do. It also reminds me, much like "The Passion", about how messy and nasty Christ's sacrifice was. We tend to minimize how difficult and bloody that day was. I am reminded today of Christ's sacrifice for me.

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