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February 22, 2008

Opening Night for "The Odd Couple"

Union_street_players_the_odd_coupleLast night was opening night for "The Odd Couple". It's been a bit of a trying production simply because of the lack of help. We're finding it harder and harder to get people to commit to volunteering. Which means, not only am I directing, but I'm producing, assisting with lights, assisting with the set, organizing refreshments and serving at intermission.

Ticket sales were slow, but I think that it's the weather. Last year we had to cancel a show and reschedule a reprise. Many people never made it out to see the show and ended up eating their tickets. With the incessant snow storms this winter, I believe that people are waiting to see if they even want to go out.

We had 85 in the audience last night and the median age was...well...about 85. My heart sank as I watched the stream of old folks comging through the door. I figured it would be a tough crowd for the cast and in my pre-show pep talk I came just short of telling them "consider this a final dress rehearsal" as I figured the audience would be deaf, sleeping or angry that someone said "dammit" on stage.

Well, me of little faith.

The audience laughed, and laughed, and laughed - then wouldn't stop laughing for the actors to complete their lines. The crowd munched on cheesecake during intermission until we had to pester them back into their seats. As the audience left, I stood to take programs from people who wanted to "recycle" them (another one of my duties). People were raving about the show and some said they wanted to save their program to give to friends and co-workers and tell them to come see the show. I'm anticipating some great word-of-mouth ticket sales over the weekend.

It couldn't have been a better opening night. After the show, Wendy and waited until everyone was gone to lock up (another one of my duties). We looked at each other and gave each other a knowing smile. This is when the hard work pays off.

This is when it's fun!


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