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June 20, 2007

Mission: Mexico

Mexico_050 Taylor and Madison had a rewarding week on their mission to Mexico. Working in orphanages and building homes - they worked hard and loved hard. Over Father's Day dinner they shared their experiences. As with all missions there were the humorous memories that will live on in infamy, like Taylor getting to San Diego and realizing she'd not packed underwear. She had to buy "granny panties" in Mexico. There were also scenes and experiences that gave them new perspectives to consider. There were opportunities to love others and to be loved.

Mexico_029_2 I remember when the girls were small and you could leave in the morning and come home in the evening to realize that their little bodies had grown. As I listened to the girls share about their trip and heard the heart-lessons God gave them on the trip - it was clear to me that their spirits had grown in that week. Their horizon is a little broader. Their wisdom is a bit deeper. Their perspective is a tad sharper.

Growth is good.Mexico_017_2


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