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April 17, 2007

Vander Well News Briefs 04-17-07

Tuliphouse It's been a crazy time in the Vander Well household. Spring is upon us and activity abounds. I've been working some crazy hours and spending a lot of time on the road. It seems that blogging has been shoved to the back burner for a few weeks. Let me catch you up...

  • Wendy continues to work for our group. We've had a lot of extra work and she's been doing a fantastic job. She's enjoying the flexibility of working from home and is figuring out how to set boundaries so that work doesn't completely overtake your home life. Wendy's working with her friend, Jen, on doing some fun stuff for the church women's retreat this weekend. She's also excited for her friend, Sarah's, wedding in a few weeks. With Sarah's wedding "the girls" will all be married.
  • Taylor had prom last Saturday night. She and Clayton had a great time. She looked gorgeous in the dress she wore to our wedding, and a whole group of friends had a progressive dinner (for which Wendy made the cheesecake!). Taylor was inducted into the "Thespian Society" at school last night. Wendy and I got a kick out of going to the awards banquet. She continues to think about colleges and has her ACT tests coming up. Taylor is also looking forward to her mission trip to Baja, Mexico this summer. She continues to work, on a limited basis, at Monarch's restaurant.
  • Madison is a whirlwind of activity. Besides the full academic load, she's running track, singing in the church worship team, and in USP's Tulip Time play with Wendy and me. Madison had been working at George's pizza here in town, but she cut work out of the schedule for the summer. Madison is going on two mission trips this summer to Baja, Mexico with church and to Costa Rica with Global Expeditions (support letters will be going out soon).
  • Rehearsals continue for the Tulip Time play, Tulip House [see photo]. Tulip Time is just a few weeks away. The cold weather did a number on a lot of the tulips, but there will still be plenty that make it.
  • Wendy and I are taking a break from theatre this summer (really, we mean it this time), and are looking forward to getting some projects done around the house and spending some time at the lake with Mom & Dad VW.


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