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February 16, 2007

Chapter-a-Day Genesis 10

Cush also had Nimrod. He was the first great warrior on Earth. Genesis 10:8 (TM)

Be careful what you name your children. Take Nimrod, for example. Here he is, the first great warrior on Earth - a "guy" all men should revere - and you load him down with the name ensuring that his would be the moniker given to idots, fools and unsuspecting children on the playground. Oh sure, if he had been born in modern times he could have made a gangsta name from it like "N-Rod" or "P-Nimmy" and escaped some of the teasing - but even that's a stretch.

Parents - for goodness sake - take the advise of CSN and "treat your children well". Start by refusing to give them a name like "Nimrod" :)


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