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December 02, 2006

The Curtain Rises on The Christmas Post!

Well, things have been so crazy that I didn't have a chance to post yesterday. We've now had two performances of the The Christmas Post under our belts. The show has gone very well. When you have a cast over over 50 people (many of them children) of various stages of experience - well, anything can happen. There's been the occasional dropped line and stage mishaps - but the show has been really well received. We had 133 people Thursday night - don't know about last night, but the place was packed.

The most important thing is that everyone (cast, crew, & audience) has been having a blast. That's what community theatre is about: community. Can't wait to have the VW's & Kiethley's tonight - the Hall's on Sunday!!


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Mark True


We loved the show on Friday night and, yes, it was packed in there!

I'm thinking about posting about the show, suspending disbelief and brands! I was really impressed with the staging...how the actors could be outside the store one moment and then inside the next. Very ingenious concept! And the cast was superb..."Mrs. Garfield" demonstrated an instant likability that took me by surprise.

Who would have thought that two unrelated paintings could be so wonderfully woven into a great story.

Well done!

Tom Vander Well

Thanks, Mark! Hope you'll post your thoughts at unionstreetplayers.com as well so everyone in the cast and crew can see your thoughts!

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