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December 24, 2006

Let the Xmas Celebrations Begin!

Joshwendy122306  Yesterday, Wendy and I headed to Iowa City to join the Hall siblings at Jesse & Heidi's place.

Over the past two years I've watched as the Hall family has plowed through the agonizing process of trying to figure out what to do about Christmas gifts. Now that all but two of the siblings are adults (Josh is an adult, isn't he?) what do we do about Christmas gifts? There are seven sibs and three spouses. That's a lot of gifts for anyone. The phone calls and e-mails start in late summer and the intense exchanges continue for months unabated. It's as if we're trying to find an answer to nuclear proliferation.

Do we get small gifts for everyone?
Do we get larger gifts for the younger sibs and nothing for the older sibs?
Look, why don't we just let everyone do what they want to do and be happy about it.
Hey I know, how about pulling a name out of a hat and let everyone get one gift!
Yes, but no one needs anything. Let's have fun and do a white elephant exchange!
Hey, how about this...

Finally, in the Spirit of the season and with an eye toward diplomatic detente we decided to pool our gift money this year and get gifts for some kids who really need it. Yesterday the sibs all gathered in Hawkeye country and went shopping together for a local youth and homeless shelter. The ladies went shopping for "practical" things while the guys went looking for cool toys and sporting goods ("No, Josh - No, Jesse - we can't get them a b.b. handgun!").

We retired back at Jesse & Heidi's for some spaghetti and typical brother-sister laughter, wrestling, and mayhem. What a blast. It was a great way to kick off the season! I think we may have found an answer.

Now about this nuclear proliferation situation...

Photo: Josh and Wendy


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