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December 08, 2006

I'm a Grandpa!

01_preggo Okay family - control yourselves - I'm not a grandpa literally. I just thought I'd share Taylor's hilarious turn in The Christmas Post for those who haven't seen it.

Taylor plays a "shopper" in the play, and is on stage much of the show singing in the chorus. Taylor came late to the production because she was in another play at school. That meant she got the leftovers from the costume department. The coat they put her in was huge, and she complained: the only way I would fit in this coat was if I was pregnant.

Then Peg Moriarity mentioned that the costume shop had one of those "sympathy pillows" to make you look pregnant. Taylor, always one to seize the opportunity for a good gag, arranged to get the pillow before dress rehearsal and - voila'! - she was the pregnant shopper.

At Saturday night's performance, Taylor was thinking about the "chase" scene. It's a musical interlude in the show where chaos and pandemonium ensues on stage among all of the frenzied Christmas shoppers. She thought it would be funny if, in the midst of the chaos on stage, she went into labor. Once again, Peg Moriarity was there to spur her on - and as the craziness broke out there was Taylor in the throes of labor pains with Peg fanning her off. It was absolutely hilarious. But that's not all.

After "the chase" was over, everyone was sitting back stage in the green room. Someone walked in and said "Oh - you haven't had your baby yet?" - to which Taylor said - "wouldn't it be funny if I walked out for the curtain call holding a baby?" With that, she ripped off the pillow and the cast started scrounging for a doll (baby Jesus was on stage in the manger - we couldn't use him) - and a makeshift baby blanket.

Taylor's "delivery" has now become part of every Christmas Post performance and it's one of those stories that I know will become part of Union Street Players legend - recounted at numerous cast parties for years to come.

Our Taylor-made is one of a kind.

Photo: Pregnant Taylor and her mid-wife, Peg Moriarity


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