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August 07, 2006

Initial Report from Madison

Thailandlr Madison returned safely home from Thailand on Saturday. There were lots of tears and "maddy-hugs" at the airport. Madison was with her mom through the rest of the weekend, but we spent a lot of time on the phone Saturday morning and she came over to the house Sunday afternoon to show us all of her pictures and give us the "brief" two-hour version. The things that stood out to me (I urge you to get more from Madison in person)

  • Madison was not homesick - though she missed talking to people she knew. She was glad to be home, but God really gave her a heart for the Thai people. She said she could immediately get on a plane and go back.
  • Her team worked in an orphanage, a leper colony, and on a Christian family's farm. They did evangelistic work with students in schools. There were several people who put their faith in Christ at their invitation.
  • Madison said they mostly ate rice, chicken and pb&j sandwiches. Though, she did fall in love with the Thai food they did eat. She got to try octopus and seaweed soup - mmmmmm.
  • I think most significant was to hear how God worked in Madison's heart. She was convicted by the committed faith of the Thai Christians. I could tell that she came back with a stronger, more passionate faith and a call to do more work on the mission field.

God is good. He is faithful. Praise God!


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Tom -

Congratulations on Madison's return. I'd say her safe return but if she's bitten by the missions bug, she may well never be - *safe* - again!

From one dad to another and from one believer to another, let me thank you for raising your daughters to be godly women. Thank you for releasing them to the destiny that their other Dad has for them and thanks for sharing her with us via cyberspace!

I thought of you all this weekend as I was in Northern Illinois at my sister's place. I turned West and waved! Did you see me?



Tom Vander Well

Was that what I felt?! Thanks for your great words, Ken - and for your prayers for me and Madison. It's cool how blogging puts members of the body together in fellowship that would, otherwise, never happen!

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